Your Baby’s Favourites

Ronica Support Team

Ronica baby memory book has a section where you can add your baby's favorite things. By the time he/she is four or five, your child would have already gone through a number of 'favorite things' phases. Babies may have a favorite thing one day, another the next day. For instance, maybe your baby is attracted to that red pacifier for some time, then after you give him/her a yellow one, that would be his/her favorite. Your two-year-old may be attracted to that red ball or red dress for some time, and then that orange one will come along his/her way. As your child grows, he/she will hold on to their favorite things for longer. Recording what your baby liked in your baby memory book will give you a sweet ride down your memory lane when you are old. Also, your child, after he/she grows up, would appreciate the fact that you recorded what and all he/she liked when he/she was a baby/child. Even they would like to know what they liked during their childhood.


You may even record the things that your baby/child dislikes. For instance, that moment when you give him/her a sour lemon, the face he/she makes, will definitely make you laugh while going through the book later. Do not forget to capture that moment in your camera. Most children hate green peas and spinach. You can record that in your baby memory book as well.


When you are adding your child's favorite superhero, make sure to add a sticker of that superhero as well. Record your child's career ambition as well. If he/she wants to be a doctor, then add a sticker of a doctor next to it as well. Include your baby's favorite food, book, toy, song, color, animal, and so on. A Ronica baby memory book makes all these recordings easier and fast.

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