Special Memories

Ronica Support Team

Special memories are those memories that hold a special place in your heart. For instance, the first time your baby bonded with his/her grandparents. The first time your parents saw your baby, the first time they held him/her, the first time they kissed him/her, how your mother's or even your mother-in-law's eyes swelled up with tears of joy, all are worth recording in your baby memory book. Many children develop a special bond with their parents. The memories of their grandparents will stay with them all their life. They will definitely appreciate you capturing those early moments with their grandparents.


Apart from your parents, if your sister or your brother develops a special bond with your baby, and they become their favorite aunt/uncle, you can record that in your baby memory book as well. Now, special memories do not have a definite definition. All your memories regarding your baby are special. Special memories can be categorized as those memories that are special and unique to you on a very personal level.


Your baby's first 'artwork' on the wall may not be so special to others, but they are for you. Your baby's handprint in your baby memory book is something that you can cherish in your old age. Special memories help to add that special personal charm to your baby memory book. You may even record that first time when you baked those cookies and cakes just for your loved one. Also, the first time you spent the time alone with your baby on that beach.


Make sure you capture all those moments in your camera. Ronica baby memory book has a Photo Guide that will help you to print those pictures in the correct size. With a Ronica baby memory book, you will be able to record all those special memories in a very neat way.

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