One of the best things to add in a baby memory book

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One of the best things to add in a baby memory book is your child's birth details. In the past, technological and other limitations did not allow parents to keep such details. However, today things are different. Not only can you keep track of the hospital where a child was brought into the world, but you can also get snaps clicked of your baby's first time in the world. The amount of information you can include is staggering.


Some ideas that you can use to put into writing birth details in our baby memory book would be the time of birth and hospital name, the circumstances in which you first went into labor, where your child's father was at the time, the people who were with you and even your doctor's contact details (in case your child would one day want to visit him/her and say 'hi').


It would be a great idea to include as many pictures as possible. You could get a snap of yours clicked each day of the countdown as the scheduled day of delivery approached, pictures of the doctors, nurses and other medical staff who were present, pictures of your baby's first time in his/her father's arms, your friends and family who were present- the list can go on. Another great idea would be to click a picture of your newborn each day, so you can one day show him/her how he/she grew a little day by day, steadily and subtly.


Note down your feelings each day, as the delivery date approaches. Your emotions, your excitement, your cravings, your hopes, your dreams, and expectations- your child would be interested in knowing these things. Take a moment to reflect on your feelings and let it show in your baby memory book. Your child will appreciate it. Get a Ronica Baby Memory Book today and get started with recording your memories.

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