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There may be certain things that you feel your children should know as they grow. This could be anything important like weight and height at birth, birth complications, medical conditions and medications if any.


Things that happen during birth can have life-long implications for the child. When you record essential information, you are making sure that your children are well aware of what circumstances they were born in. As such, hunting for birth-related essential information when needed later won't be difficult for your children as everything they need to know is available in the baby memory book. This information is not only interesting but can also prove to be vital for a child. You never how and when that extra effort you put into recording this information can go a long way in helping your children.


Essential information can also mean making a careful note of the important people in yours, and your children's lives. It's the perfect place to draw your family tree so your child knows his/her roots well. Cultural, historical, religious and other such information can go into your baby memory book. This way, your child will always know who he/she is.


You can also add information about your pets that are with you. That’s the perfect way to let the legacy and memories of your pets to continue on with your children. Add stories and pictures about your pets and also about the significant people in your life so that they will live on forever, even after they are gone. This could also be the perfect way to give tribute to people who are departed.

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