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Baby Boy Gift Set with Baby Memory Book & 32 Baby Onesie Stickers

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Create a timeless family heirloom in a fraction of the time it would take to create your own scrapbook with the Ronica Baby Memory Book Gift Set.

This time-saving gift set includes the Baby Memory Book, high quality gift packaging, and a set of 32 baby stickers for celebrating important milestones. Busy moms will appreciate the carefully designed page templates that record all of your baby’s important milestones including first steps, first words, monthly birthdays, holidays, and more. Create a Pinterest-worthy baby memory book for boys in just a few minutes a day. Even if you’re completely new to scrapbooking and have never created your own photo album before, you can organize and preserve the photos you take with your smartphone or camera in this beautiful guided baby journal. 

The Ronica Baby Book of Firsts contains 62 pages in vibrant colors with a durable spiral binding. You won’t need to worry about missing any of your baby’s firsts with this easy-to-use baby journal.

Busy moms have enough to worry about: a baby memory book should be easy to fill out.

Many new parents buy a blank memory book, fill out the first few pages, and then forget to update the rest of it. The Ronica memory book is different: it’s full of detailed prompts, adorable illustrations, and more.

Use the free keepsake pouch to save locks of hair, hospital bracelets, and other treasures. Also includes 32 free stickers to celebrate monthly milestones.

This baby book is perfect for boys and it makes for a great baby shower gift.

We made this book for all types of families: both traditional and non-traditional. The language and imagery in the book is inclusive for all types of families, both traditional and nontraditional. Suitable for adoptive families, LGBTQ parents, and more

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