What else can I add into my Ronica Baby Memory Book?

Ronica Support Team

We have already discussed how you can add your child's firsts, your pregnancy stories, essential details about birth and others such information in your Ronica Baby Memory Book. But is that all that this book allows you to do? Well, no. we encourage you to be as creative as you can. Do not be rigid about what you should put in there- let it be colorful, visually appealing and full of interesting things. Everything that goes in there does not necessarily need to be connected to the other content. As such, you can add random pictures or cartoons which you think your child would find interesting.


You can even add pictures of things that you loved in your own childhood- cartoons that you loved to watch, pets you grew up with, your childhood pictures, pictures of daddy when he was young, humorous pictures of college, your first car, your first home, pictures of your parents or even grandparents! Let this book not only be something that is fun to go through but also deep in information so that your child will remain grounded in his roots.


A baby memory book can contain your family's values, achievements, and accomplishments. Let your child grow up knowing where she/he comes from, what values bind your family and why she/he should be proud of being a new member of your family.


Take random pictures of your child as she/he is playing or drawing. Let these random photographs go into the baby memory book. Even little things like that flower your boy gave you or the family portrait your little girl doodled- let them go into the baby memory book. All these things are precious symbols of your child's journey in life, which you will one day be thankful for having saved. Ronica Baby Memory Book help you preserve your precious memories. Get your own Ronica Baby Memory Book today and let each page collect each precious moment for you.

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