Letters to your Baby

Ronica Support Team

Some parents might find it a little strange to write letters to their baby, but, what they don’t realize is that there is a deeper meaning to the act. As you age and grow older, your child no longer has you to guide him/her and your words are the only things they will have left with them. That’s the magic of words and what better way to put it than in the form of a loving letter.

There is so much you as a mother or father have to share with your little one. For example, you could share your experiences and wisdom, which can only be gained through the passage of time. Your letters will serve as tiny time capsules, capturing every lesson you’ve learned and every memory you’ve kept.

More importantly, your little one also deserves to know all the fun stuff that went down when he/she was still in the cradle. You can talk about funny incidents involving your little one or how he/she did something that is still talked about today.

Other things that you can include in your letter are:

-How you felt when you were pregnant and how the little guy/gal inside made you feel.

-How you would want or would have wanted to spend time with your little one.

-What kind of aspirations and dreams you have for her/him.

-How it feels like being a mother or a father to him/her.

As children grow older, communication can become a problem. That’s why humans learned to write. It is so much easier to say the things you want to say through a written letter than it is through talking or conversing. The depth of your words are reached better when you write them down and your little one will know how you truly felt about him/her.


If you want to preserve special moments in the form of letters for your baby to read, later on, get the Ronica Baby Memory Book.

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