How do you record your pregnancy stories?

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Eventually, you will find yourself swarmed by your kids with questions about the time you were pregnant. We all have been curious at some point or another about what our moms were thinking, doing, and even wearing! Your child is the only one who has seen you only in your motherhood. As such, it is natural that your children will be curious about what you and your life were like when you were expecting them.


Use the baby memory book to make a note of all the things that you think your child would be interested in knowing about your pregnancy. If you're not sure what your kids might find interesting about your life that they would want to know about, just take a trip down memory lane to the time you yourself were curious about what your own parents' life was like before they had you. Simply think of all the questions you had for your parents when you were a little girl of 6 or a young lady of 16.


Noting down interesting incidents that happened during your pregnancy will help your child gain a better understanding of your life. Make use of this to talk about all the hopes and dreams you had for them; as well all the fears, doubts and anxiety for their future that you may have had during times of uncertainty.  You can also talk about the wonder you felt when you felt the first kicks and the plethora of emotions that ran through you at that moment, talk about how you felt when you first found out that you were pregnant.


It could also be a good fun idea to include a few pictures of yourself, working on the baby book and creating the memories you now get to look back on and enjoy all over again. Be creative with what goes into your baby memory book. You can also add bills, cards, wishes- anything that had something to do with your pregnancy. Your pregnancy stories will not only make your child smile, but it will prepare her/him to be a parent too.


So, start penning down your pregnancy stories right away by getting your own Ronica Baby Memory Book.

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