That first moment when your baby met Santa

Ronica Support Team

The holiday/festive season is a time when all your family members gather around for celebration. This is a fun season for all your family members, especially your newest family member. He/she will not only receive a lot of attention but also a number of gifts. There will be many moments that would be worth recording in your baby memory book. For instance, take Christmas. You can let your little one put the star on top of the Christmas tree and then capture your baby's reaction when the Christmas tree is lit up. Capturing your baby's first moment with Santa is something that you should not miss. Even if he/she cries, it is definitely a moment to be preserved in your baby memory book. Photos with his/her grandparents, relatives, and other children all will make beautiful memories.

Your baby's holiday celebrations will definitely add extra cuteness to your baby memory book. When your child is four or five years old, you can add him/her celebrating Valentine's day. It will be a beautiful memory for your child. Capture your baby's wide-eyed expressions when he/she sees the fireworks during independence day for the first time. Dress him/her up in cute vampire outfits for Halloween, and go trick-or-treating. Try to capture your baby getting those candies in his/her Halloween costume. 

Since it is the holiday season, there will be a lot of people around to help you with your chores, so you will have plenty of time to record everything in detail in your baby memory book. Ronica's baby memory books have dedicated holiday pages where you can record those beautiful holiday memories. To make these precious holiday memories even more special, we also sell a wide and vibrant collection of themed holiday stickers that you can add to the book to make it look even better. 

Record your child's initial holiday/festive celebrations in your Ronica baby memory book. Make those holiday pages vibrant with holiday stickers.

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