Forgot when your second child took his/her first step?

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It is very important to be organized with your baby memory book, especially if you plan to make it a family heirloom and pass it down the generations. If you do not record those baby moments as and when they happen and keep them pending, you may eventually forget them or may not remember all the details. The solution is not to keep them pending. Now, from a practical point of view, you may not be able to record everything as and when they happen. For instance, your baby takes his/her first step, and suddenly falls down, you will have to console him/her first, and ensure that the baby is okay. You cannot take your baby memory book at that time, jot down your baby taking his/her first step, and then go and take care of the baby. What you can do is just jot it down after your baby is calmed down on a piece of paper, and then fill up the baby memory book after your baby goes to sleep. The important thing is to do it on the same day itself.


It is ideal to add the photos associated with each milestone as and when you record it in the baby memory book. However, if you are stretched for time, you can do it later. As long as you have the event recorded, you will not be missing out any details. You can set aside a special box for all the pictures. Do not forget to mark the photographs so that you can link them to the appropriate events.


You can record those special moments starting right from your pregnancy up until your child's 5th birthday in a Ronica baby memory book. The guided book makes it easy and fast to record the events. There is a photo guide that tells you what size you need to print the photos so that they match the frames. Now, if for some reason you missed recording an event, you can just tear the page associated with that particular event off from the spiral-bound book, instead of leaving it just blank. This will help to make the book look organized.

 Record your baby's milestones in your Ronica baby memory book in an organized way in order to successfully complete the book, and pass it down the generations.

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